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วิศวกรเครื่องกล (Mechanical Engineer)

Scope of Responsibilities:

  1. Conduct preventive maintenance on plant equipment. Review and ongoing updating Plan for PM using codes and standards.
  2. Immediate corrective action for equipment failure.
  3. Establish mitigation measures and look for the most likely root causes of equipment failure.
  4. Control labor, resources, and tools for the maintenance workload.
  5. Equipment and spare parts are constantly being improved with new technologies to make them more reliable, safe, and effective.
  6. Coaching and supervising technicians to improve their mechanical competency.
  7. Set up annual budgets that are reasonable and maintain the reliability of the plant’s equipment.


  1. Bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering or related field.
  2. Minimum 4 years’ experience in a Petrochemical Plant or other relevant industry.
  3. Good engineering background in manufacturing and inspection skills for static equipment (Tank, Vessel, Heat exchanger, Column).
  4. Good knowledge of rotating machinery, especially pumps, blowers, compressor, and rotating seals would be advantaged.
  5. Good understanding in PFD/PID GA & be able to draw isometric.
  6. Interpersonal skill, planning, systematic thinking & problem-solving skill.
  7. Fluent in English both written and verbal.
  8. TOEIC Score of 550 or higher is required.