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เจ้าหน้าที่วางแผน (Corporate Planning Officer)

Role and Responsibility

  1. Leading and conducting internal audit and internal control related activities.
  2. Leading a discussion about company policy and strategy and conducting related activities.
  3. Support other team members’ tasks.
  4. Special assignment from Managements. (Upon request)

Job Detail

1. Leading and Training

  1. Leading and training the team members to improve CSR, compliance, internal audit, and internal control know-how.
  2. Leading and training all employees to make them know CSR, compliance, internal audit, and internal control.

2.Leading and conducting internal audit and internal control related activities.

  1. Participate and coordinate CSR committee.
  2. Audit the JSOX and internal control as an internal auditor and coordinate with external audit.
  3. Conduct activities for Legal compliance, IT policy, digitalization and other company regulations, policy, and strategy.
  4. Promote ethic survey and improve ethic survey score.
  5. Set internal control system and perform internal audit.
  6. Build up risk management system.
  7. Conduct other activities related to CSR, compliance, audit etc.

3.Support other team members’ tasks.

  1. Support other team members’ tasks as needed.

4.Special assignment from Managements. (Upon request)

  1. If there are any assignments such as litigation, task force, cost reduction, urgent research and so on occurred, handle the job in accordance with the order from Managements.


  1. Strictly comply with law, company’s policies, rules, and regulations such asethics and SHE regulations.
  2. Comply and collaborate operating procedure and the Company’ Standards System such as ISO9001, ISO14001, PSM, ECO Factory, Energy ManagementSystem and 5S.
  3. Responsible and collaborate by understanding roles and responsibilities inevery company’s activity and strictly follow SHE&Q Minimum Expectation.


  1. Bachelor’s or Master’s degree major Business, Accounting, Finance, Legal, etc.
  2. At least 3 years working experience in related fields.
  3. CSR, compliance, audit experience is preferable.
  4. Well communication and coordination, good hospitality.
  5. Fluent speaking both in English and Thai.
  6. Microsoft Office, tableau skill.