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About Us

Our Company

BST ENEOS Elastomer Co., Ltd. (BEE)was established in April 2022 as a joint venture between ENEOS Materials Corporation and Bangkok Synthetic Co., Ltd(BST).

Its predecessor was JSR BST ELASTOMER Co., Ltd,(JBE) which was established in 2011 as the first S-SBR (Solution Polymerization Styrene-Butadiene Rubber)  manufacturer in Thailand through a joint venture between JSR Corporation and BST.

Since its establishment, BEE has continued to supply S-SBR, a raw material for high-performance tires with excellent fuel efficiency, not only to Southeast Asia but also to the rest of the world, with the mission of creating safe and environmentally friendly products.

Moreover, BEE is the first S-SBR (Solution Polymerization Styrene-Butadiene Rubber) manufacturer in Thailand at a production capacity of 120,000 tons per year located in Map Ta Phut industrial estate.

Shareholder structure

BST ENEOS Elastomer Co., Ltd. was registered as a Thai limited company on 8th February, 2011, The Company’s current registered capital is 5,220 million Baht with 51% Japanese shareholder (ENEOS Materials Corporation) and 49% Thai shareholder (Bangkok Synthetics Co., Ltd. or “BST”).

ENEOS Materials Corporation is a company responsible for the high-performance materials business in the ENEOS Group, Japan’s leading company in energy, resources and materials. ENEOS Material Corporation was established on 1st April 2022, through the corporate divestiture of JSR Corporation’s elastomers business, and is engaged in the research, development, manufacture, and sale of synthetic rubber, thermoplastic elastomers, latex, and other raw materials. The elastomers business was established in 1957 as the former Japan Synthetic Rubber Co., Ltd. which has contributed to the development of various industries including the automotive industry by supplying various synthetic rubbers in Japan and overseas for more than 60 years, with Special Measures Law for Synthetic Rubber Production enforced by the government.

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Bangkok Synthetics Co., Ltd. (BST), established in 1991 as a pioneer in the C4 business in Thailand, is one of the region’s largest manufacturers of a variety of Mixed C4 products.
BST is building and strengthening the value chain from upstream to downstream in C4 based businesses with highly flexible factory design and efficient operations based on revolutionary technology. BST’s current products include Butadiene Monomer, Butene-1, MTBE, C4-Raffinate and by product-LPG.
In addition, BST also invested in (i) rubber production facilities for Emulsion Styrene-Butadiene Rubber (E-SBR), Polybutadiene Rubber (BR) and (ii) NB Latex Business, mainly for medical glove application, the Commercial NB Latex Plant was on stream in 2013.

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